Investment Advisory

Ensky provides you with the best Client Relation Managers who believe in Truth and Clarity. They will not only help you get the right place for you but they will also give you the best investment advice which will be beneficial for you.
Investment advisors should not distribute advice known to be dishonest or fake and they are forbidden to act as a principal on their own accounts by buying and selling securities between themselves and a client without prior written consent. Ensky ensures you that you will be provided with the best services and your trust will be completely fulfilled.
The investment advisory group is primarily responsible for providing investment advisory services raising funds and managing real estate related portfolio investments on behalf of third parties.
The investment advisory group also has the capability to provide advice on structuring and managing funds, coordinating with regulatory and international agencies, financial institutions and representative offices, in addition to handling other special projects assignments.
Our investment advisory team provides institutional and other mainstream investors with a complete indirect investment service ranging from analysis of economic and real estate fundamentals, through portfolio construction, fund sourcing and screening to corporate finance and due diligence implementation.